Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Top Ten Tuesday #3


Top Ten Trends I'd Like To See More/Less Of

More of:

  1. Teen issues - a large majority of Laurie Halse Anderson's books are an excellent example of this.
  2. Family oriented - too many absent parents in books! The only popular y-a novel that I can think of which mainly revolves around a family is If I Stay.
  3. Odd mysteries - by this, I specifically mean more books like the A Series of Unfortunate Events Series.
  4. Innocence - sure, it is y-a fiction, which is for teens, but I'd like to come across more PG-rated books from time to time. 
  5. Indie books - I really love unique books with unique plots and characters. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time is a good way of illustrating what I mean.

Less of:
  1. Vampires - yes, this is probably in many lists already, but just to rub it in further, people do get bored easily, especially readers. So do authors really think we want approximately 786 vampire books shoved in our faces? The answer is hopefully no.
  2. Pretty covers, ugly books - there are too many books out there deceptively giving us a nice, attractive cover when the actual content inside is terrible and not attractive at all. I haven't read it yet, but judging from most of its book reviews, this book is a good example of this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  3. Fast-tracked romances - I'm really sick of books where the main character (usually a girl) gets to Base 2 after a week of becoming acquainted with the 'love of their life',
  4. Typos - nitpicking is what I do. I have what you call 'eagle-eyes', so I always notice at least one typo in each book. And I thought there were editors!
  5. Series - enough is enough sometimes. Don't you ever get slightly annoyed when another book pops up in a series (that you thought you'd finished)? This happened to me with the Uglies series. By the time I reached the end of Specials, I gave up and never read Extras, even though I loved the series! Same goes with spin-offs.



  1. Good list! I'm in wholehearted agreement with less fast-tracked romances. The instant-love thing lacks the impact of a drawn-out relationship with loads of tension.

  2. Congrats on the Blogger Lift feature!!

    I loved the list--and I totally agree with you about the covers. I want the covers to be an indication of the book!!


  3. I agree with all of your answers! I even had some of them on my own list, lol.

  4. Well-written list :) I agree with everything!

    What I hate the most are the series. Especially when there is cliffhanger at the end of each book, so you have to wait for sequel. And then the author usually doesn't know when to stop and after the sequel there is another one and then another and so on...

    Anyway, a week? For some authors a day is enough. :)


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