Thursday, 6 October 2011

Interview With Gemma Malley

Gemma Malley is an author of The Declaration series, which focuses on the dystopian future. What would happen if humans could live forever?
Anyway, I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview the author herself!

Q. What inspires you to write your books?
Ideas inspire me. Once I have an idea that I know would make a great story, I just have to see it through. I love it when it all comes together. And I love it when people contact me to talk about my books. When you first write a book you never dream that people from all over the world will be finding your website and emailing your with comments or questions. It's really the most wonderful thing.

Q. If you had endless possibilities of promoting your books, which method would you choose?
I love the idea of billboards! I love stark messages that have real impact, that make people think...

Q. Do you think there's any chance that a 'longevity' drug will be ever produced and used?
You know, the more I read the more I think that something like Longevity will be produced one day. It probably won't let us live forever, but might extend life considerably...

Q. What are your thoughts on the cover of The Declaration?
I love the cover, especially the paperback. I am visually illiterate so always leave the ideas for covers with my publishers' creatives. So far I've loved what they've come up with!

Q. What is your favourite quote?
Ooh, tough one. Different quotes for different times. I love Virginia Woolfe's quote about every woman needing a room of their own... I also live by Winston Churchill's famous quote about what to do when everything is against you: 'Keep buggering on':)


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