Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Then - my book review

ThenThen by Morris Gleitzman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is seriously better than it's predecessor, Once, and certainly better than its sequel (that is so bad that I cannot remember its title).

It's extremely refreshing having the protagonists, Felix and Zelda, being much less naïve (than from the first book in the series). There's also much more action (whoop!) that takes place compared to Once.

My favourite character is probably the kind-hearted woman, Genia, who takes them in is inspiring and represents the giving Germans of the time of World War II. And, of course, her husband as well.

The ending of the story was awfully shocking. I was very, very close to crying (I have only cried from reading a book twice) and the outcome and conclusion of the story made me feel a bit dizzy afterwards.

I like how easily it flows on from Once. You could read both books one after another and not even be able to tell that they're separate. Meanwhile, the book that comes after this one focuses (very annoyingly) on a totally different storyline, with Felix's GRANDDAUGHTER as the narrator. And a terrible one she is, too.

I'm glad that this novel effectively opens reader's eyes to the real happenings and events of those dark times, and subtly weaves in some well-needed humour into it, too.

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