Monday, 27 June 2011

Thirteen Reasons Why - my book review

Thirteen Reasons WhyThirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, what can I say? I did not overestimate this book, but yet I didn't underestimate it. But I gave Thirteen Reasons Why 5 Stars. Why? It didn't fail to impress me, but I had pretty high expectations for it from the beginning (due to the hype) and Jay Asher provided exactly what I was hungry for. So all in all, this novel was perfect.

Okay, before I get onto the praise, I would like to state the 'bad news' before the good. So, even though this story is told in first-person perspective, I know very little about the protagonist, Clay Jensen. How old is he? I suppose he is 16. What does he look like? I suppose he is tall, lean and has brown hair. Who are his friends? Hmm, well I suppose Tony...and...and... My point is that the character profiles are built up so strongly with every character, except for the main man, Clay. How can that be? I am guessing that Jay Asher wanted Clay to remain mysterious, of sorts. However, I am one that likes to know about every little-ittle bit about people; characters. It doesn't bother me too much about the absence of knowledge on Clay, but next time, a bit more filling in, please.

Now... onto the good news, ladies and gentlemen!!!

I love books that make me think differently of the world. Helps me see everything in a different light. Only one other book (that I can think of) gave me this satisfaction, apart from this one. And that other life changing book was Wintergirls. --for my review on it, click here. Anyway, by the time I reached the final words of Clay's on the final page, I thought: "Wow! We can all make a difference! That isn't just an overused cliché!" Although we don't really know what happens afterwards, I hope that *the name of that person* is saved. No, I am sure the person will be.

And yes, Thirteen Reasons Why is a pretty depressing book. I didn't cry in it at all, but I felt this dull weight on myself, even though I have no link to Hannah Baker. But knowing her motives for her death, and piecing everything together bit by bit, that's what gives this novel that extra oomph that sends a chill up your spine.

In short, this is a magnificent book.

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  1. I gave this 5 stars too, it's an incredible and moving novel and about a very taboo topic. I think the author did an incredible job.
    Great blog by the way, keep up the good work!


  2. Thanks Leanne! Do you have a blog? I'll keep an eye out for yours if you do :)


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