Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cover Crazy #2

3 Things I like about this cover:

• There is something with me and simple book covers! They're so beautiful in their simplistic way. I suppose that it's not very appealing to see a book blaring a billion fluoro colours at your face and a person here and a person there and...

• There is nothing more striking than colours. And awe-inspiring colours they are. The colour scheme is especially important, and in this case, the lilac and the orange have merged to create a palette of summer sunset shades. (It also helps that my favourite colour is purple.)

• The feet. Who ever finds feet attractive? Well, certainly not me. And it's not like these are Cinderella feet either. Just your normal, average trotters. But, looking at the pair of feet gives me a sense of dreaminess. It appears that the owner of these feet is pondering by herself, without a care in the world. Wouldn't that be nice?



  1. The colours are lovely, and I like the simplicity too! :)

  2. It is, isn't it. I've read the book, and even though the cover doesn't really match the plot, it's still gorgeous nevertheless!

  3. Pretty cover! My first impression was that the owner of the feet is riding a ferris wheel, looking down at the lights of a carnival...

  4. All this talk makes me want to check the book out. It is a lovely cover.


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