Sunday, 31 July 2011

Pink - my book review

PinkPink by Lili Wilkinson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don't really know what to exactly say about Pink! It's a good read, yes. I enjoyed it, yes. But otherwise, everything else (which is not much), might as well be unsaid.

Pink is about a girl called Ava (as in Ava Gardner) Simpson. She likes girls. She likes pink. She likes to fit in. She likes to study. So she leaves her chaotic, feral, your-average-Joe high school and earns a scholarship to Billy Hughes. Posh, prim, perfect Billy Hughes. Black-clad Ava is sure that it is the place for her. But is it really?

I see Ava's world as a map. So think of a triangle with a spot in the middle. Now, instead of the outer vertices being connected to each other, they are connected to that speck in the centre. This speck is Ava. So she has three options: Chloe (her coolheaded, emo girlfriend), the Pastels (think of The Plastics from 'Mean Girls') and finally, the Screws (the stage-crew). And then, suddenly Ava is unsure whether she's gay or not. There's a guy called Ethan at Billy Hughes. And he's hot. So Ava and the Pastels think, anyway.

I think Pink is a well-written, humorous book that lightly skims over feminism, sexuality, friendship, family, school life, fitting in, goths, sci-fi, Bang! Bang! and screw-ups within one pretty pink cover. I recommend it for anyone, and everyone. Even for those who hate pink.

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